Our Journey

Harrison was founded in 1994, the same year the National Science Foundation relinquished control of the Internet to the Public Domain. At the time, our services consisted primarily of computer networking but quickly expanded to include dedicated Internet access via leased line, hosting services, and web application development (websites which function much like desktop applications). Essentially, we were “the cloud” decades before the term was coined.

Over time, as our clients’ demands increased, so would the range of Harrison Consulting’s services. By 1997, our focus shifted to software development and, in 2001, were contracted by our first multinational client (L’Oréal Cosmetics Hellas S.A). Since then, Harrison Consulting continues to work with many small and mid-sized businesses, a respectable number of multinationals on both sides of the Atlantic, and thanks to our IBEX product (medical practice management and billing), several medical practices.

The secret to our success has been our common-sense approach to I.T. Over the years, many new emerging technologies have fallen by the wayside but thanks to our due diligence, Harrison Consulting has consistently made the correct choices by embracing the ones which are most promising, secure, ‘future-proof’ and implementing them for our clients. In fact, our very first client for which we installed their computer network and developed the software running their operation since 1995 contacted us in 2020. We nothing short of honored to have been chosen to develop the next generation of software that is currently running their organization.

Executive Profile

James Souvlis is the founder and president of Harrison Consulting, Inc. He holds a bachelor's degree in physics, has Novell CNE (certified network engineering) accreditation, and received his master's degree of computer science in 2016. Mr. Souvlis is an inductee in the UPE (the International Honors Society for Computing and Informational Disciplines) and served as a professor of graduate studies at Sacred Heart University teaching advanced software engineering.