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For over 25 years, our business has been keeping businesses in business.

Harrison Consulting, Inc. is a Connecticut based IT firm specializing the development of solutions when “off-the-shelf” simply isn’t an option. We offer software development (desktop and mobile), web application development, database design, networking, and cybersecurity services. All of our services are provided by our in-house staff and development is never outsourced.

In a word, Harrison Consulting offers Extensibility. Our solutions not only extend the life of our clients’ existing investment in hardware and software, but they simplify the lives of their stakeholders at every level. We eliminate the need for retraining, painful migrations, and the weeks if not months of parallel data entry.

Harrison Consulting offers full stack development, but our origins are rooted in computer networking and providing (not reselling) dedicated Internet access and hosting services. We know how all the pieces fit together, it’s in our DNA. It’s this comprehensive knowledge of how data moves through hardware combined with 20+ years of software stack development that allows us to leverage more power from almost any existing computer system while delivering incredibly responsive products with intuitive (and kind) user interfaces.

We have created solutions that integrate existing infrastructure with mobile solutions to support staff in the field (technicians, salespeople, pharmaceutical representatives, fulfillment, etc.), interfaces that update information in real-time for brokers, applications which re-organize accounting data to create new cost models for accounting firms. However, where we really shine is when creating the solutions which no one but our clients have thought of, giving our clients that competitive edge.