Full Stack Development

Harrison Consulting provides Full-Stack Development Services, allowing us to take nearly any concept, take it through the entire Software Development Life Cycle (plan, design, implement, deploy, and maintain) and deliver your organization a completed product using our in-house resources located here in Fairfield, Connecticut. The finished product may be a data-driven website, a desktop application, a Windows Service residing on a server, an Android, iOS or Windows CE mobile application, an IoT device application, or any combination of the above. Literally, the applications are limitless and Harrison Consulting, Inc. can create the right solutions for your organization.

A perfect example of how different software disciplines work together is IBEX Practice Management Services (IBEXPMS.Com), a product Harrison Consulting first introduced in 2018.

IBEX platform is designed to serve the community of sole-practitioner healthcare providers who typically spend less than half their time with their patients and the other half concerning themselves with the bureaucracy of health insurance and maintaining a medical practice. IBEX allows our clients create medical claims in less than 20 seconds, manage their appointments through either the desktop application or mobile device, and patients use the online portion (the Patient Portal) to enroll themselves, review financials (claims status, insurance remittances, statements, etc.), and make payments online. Additionally, all payments (insurance, in-person and online card payments) are automatically consolidated and posted to patient accounts with little to no entry (except for Zelle and personal checks) on the part of the healthcare provider.

What’s the end result? IBEX has allowed every one of our clients to double their income (by seeing twice as many patients) and focus on quality-of-care instead of bank statements and insurance remittances.