Full Stack Development

Harrison Consulting provides Full-Stack Development Services, allowing us to take nearly any concept, take it through the entire Software Development Life Cycle (plan, design, implement, deploy, and maintain) and deliver your organization a completed product using our in-house resources located here in Fairfield, Connecticut. The finished product may be a data-driven website, a desktop application, a Windows Service residing on a server, an Android, iOS or Windows CE mobile application, an IoT device application, or any combination of the above. Literally, the applications are limitless and Harrison Consulting, Inc. can create the right solutions for your organization.

A perfect example of how different software disciplines work together is IBEX Practice Management Services (IBEXPMS.Com), a product Harrison Consulting first introduced in 2018.

Desktop Development

Harrison Consulting creates custom enterprise desktop applications solutions for an organization’s employees/staff (both in-office and remote) which provide much greater security with at least triple the performance of any comparable enterprise web-application. Our desktop applications make use all the host computer’s hardware, harness the power of A.I. to reduce data entry, coordinate your existing accounting software with multiple banks, e-shops, and online retailers, manage customer mobile and web data, optimize logistics, integrate in-person card processing terminals, communicate in real-time data with IoT microcontroller devices… It really is an endless list. Harrison Consulting has been developing Desktop Applications since the 90’s and has created hundreds tested libraries which we use to reduce our development time and your costs.

Web-Application Development

Nothing improves an organization’s bottom line than an interactive, database-driven Web-Application that allows customers/clients/patients to manage their own data, order their own products & services, and make online payments. Harrsion Consulting can maintain legacy ASP.Net websites as well as develop new MVC/Blazor .Net Core 8 based web applications. Let us help you build your organization’s next generation of customer-facing Web-Applications tailored to your organization’s identity and business model.

Not only can we ‘connect’ your Web Application to your existing ERP/accounting software but we can even reduce your card processing fees by introducing you to one of our merchant gateway partners that charge only 0.05% above interchange. Finally, card processing fees for as low as 1%!


Mobile Application Development

Mobile Applications typically fall into two categories: Enterprise Apps which serve as mobile versions of Desktop Applications (developed for employees in the field, e.g. technicians, representatives, etc.) and Consumer Apps which are more secure and better performing versions of Web-Applications (developed for customers, clients, and patients). In either case, Harrison Consulting has over 20 years of mobile development experience (since Windows CE) and currently uses the tools that allow us to create native Android and iOS applications for less than one third the cost of our contemporaries.

IoT/Microcontroller Applications

IoT (Internet of Things) development is Harrison Consulting the most recent and exciting service that we offer. No longer limited to the desktop computer’s hardware (scanner, camera, microphones, modem, etc.), IoT development allows us to create applications that ‘do things in the real world’. Together with our Desktop, Web, and Mobile applications, we can record advanced telemetry from multiple locations (or even a fleet of moving vehicles) in real-time, or send instructions to servos and relays that open valves and automate processes ranging from thermostats to opening doors.